About Me

I am a graduate from Chapman University with a Major in Advertising/Public Relations and a minor in Broadcast Journalism. Early-on, while studying advertising and public relations at Chapman, I found that my favorite visual medium was video. From this discovery I began pursuing additional education and training through a broadcast journalism minor, in which I learned to shoot, edit and produce news and documentary themed video packages. In addition, my school highly promoted the concept of visual storytelling, both creating and capturing the character of a scene.

Since graduating, I have worked as a freelance contractor and as Shoot-Edit-Producer for Katie Wagner Social Media. As a contractor, I have extensive experience in film and television, and have worked as a crew member, editor, assistant editor and videographer on television spots, short films, and web videos. For Katie Wagner, I specialized in creating web-based corporate and promotional videos that helped business owners tell their story on their websites and social media channels.

Outside of work, I am an avid car enthusiast and gear-head. As a former collegiate swimmer, I also enjoy hanging out at the beach in my hometown of Huntington Beach and spending a lot of time in and around the water.